Blame Your Parents

# From: (Geoffrey Bowerman) Date: 19 Jul 1995 22:16:42 -0600 "Blame Your Parents" : 54*40, from "Smilin' Buddha Cabaret" The tune is pretty much like this : ----------------------------------------------------| ----------------------------------------------------| ---5---5---4-------AND (chug chug chuggin')-:-------| ---------------5------------------2-----------------| -5---3---3----------------5---5---0-----------------| -------------5------------3---2---------------------| Main riff "Memory..." chorus deschooling grind breeds unrest adult children get depressed transparent self will always fail archaic man leaves a trail subhuman rubbed in parading eyes libido pastures and the drug-nose highs horns and hooves quest for death existential vacuum becomes a rest memory's lost to pride puppets all take up slack single minds won't give it back unconscious god broadcast fraud selfish goals defer the cost tribal order suicide super-ego suckling genocide blame your parents' broken image blame the counter-culture and the global village memory's lost to pride Solo Freud was wrong he told a lie it was child abuse and Oedipus should die he milked the brain's trance-like state blame your parents memory's lost to pride P.S. I could tab "Ocean Pearl" if anyone's interested. is preferr