Casual Viewin

intro F to C x3 starts with roto-toms C What I'm really wanting,a brand new machine, one for converting plastic to dreams G F If you ride upon the tiger you can never get off C Hey yah hungry intro throughout second verse C One thing is certain all the rest are lies G Beautiful and damned ones never realize that the dark is light enough F to see the ignorance of greed C still she cries Chorus C come on ,come on get up I want to take you away from all of this and what has got you lost and feeling down G F C You just get it off your back and let it fly away add sax to C note and fade C Poetry in motion, I'm counting out the beats to hear a voice in every mind sounding out retreat G F as they run they look behind to see what tempts the wandering eye C still she cries Chorus Bass only in C with drums and small guitar solo and percusion C The trouble with the life of the emperors new mind casual viewin in spite of what gets left behind G F gentlemen you may include me out and ladies please accept my bow C still she cries Chorus This is my first attempt at a transcription. If what I have heard is different from your interprtation, please feel free to offer feedback. Good luck and have fun.