Radio Luv Song

# From: (Geoffrey Bowerman) Date: 6 Jun 1995 00:08:29 -0600 Radio Luv Song, by 54*40 ------------------------ Lots of E, then : E Esus4 Esus4 E ad infinitum, like : -------------| -------------| ------2-2-1--| -2-2--2-2-2-2| -2-2--------2| -0-0--------0| Love song, on the radio, On the radio, has got balls Kiss me, kiss me baby, Kiss me baby, before I fall Bb I can't think why you move so slow A You stop me when I want to go E Leave me peace or leave me now F Don't you come back, not now Time is come when red is blue You for me and me for you Loss of pay awash in gray What was love is now a grave E//// E//// E///////////... D.J., on the radio, On the radio, has got balls He plays, only one song, Only one song, all day long I don't want a girl in short wave I don't want a girl in mono I just want a girl on the radio Kiss me kiss me kiss me baby, don't say no I'm too lazy, don't say stop When we should go, goooo...go Anti-Solo (where b = bend): 16X 7X 24X 7X -------------|------------|------------|------------| 12-----------|-13---------|-12---------|-13---------| 14b----------|-15b--------|-14b--------|-15b--------| -------------|------------|------------|------------| -------------|------------|------------|------------| -------------|------------|------------|------------| 7X 7X 7X 7X -------------|------------|------------|------------| -6-----------|-5----------|------------|------------| -8b----------|-7b---------|-3b---------|-4b---------| -------------|------------|------------|------------| -------------|------------|------------|------------| -------------|------------|------------|------------| 7X 7X 8X 7X -------------|------------|------------|------------| -6-----------|-5----------|-12---------|-13---------| -8b----------|-7b---------|-14b--------|-15b--------| -------------|------------|------------|------------| -------------|------------|------------|------------| -------------|------------|------------|------------| E//// E//// E//// E//// If this was of any use to you whatsoever, l