Amamos La Vida

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: (Maxi Schultz) Subject: TAB: Accept: Amamos La Vida Some time ago someone was looking for Accept Tabs. I just figured out some tabs from "Amamos La Vida" from the "Objection Overruled" album. It's not perfect, because the main solo and some harmonies are missing, but as I am not very practised in tabbing I think it is ok. The "P" means Pull off, and the "H" : Hammer on. (Sounds logically) The basic chords scheme is following: Bm D A Bm Bm D Asus4 A Bm E A Bm G A Bm the picking is quite simple I think, just sweeping the chords... At the end of the last line he plays this: e:------------------| B:------------------| G:-7----------------| D:---11H12-11-9-----| A:--------------12--| E:------------------| The last line is also the pattern played at the chorus. This is the first solo (if you can call it solo). w/clean e:-----------------------7-7-9-10-7----------------10-7-|| B:------7-8P7-------7-10------------8P7-------7-10------|| G:--7-9-------9P7-7---------------------9-7-9-----------|| D:------------------------------------------------------|| A:------------------------------------------------------|| E:------------------------------------------------------|| w/Dist. e:---------------------------------------------------------------------14--| B:-------------14-14H15P14----------14------------14-14H15P14----15-17-----| G:----------16-------------16-14-------16------16-------------16-----------| D:-------16----------------------16---------16-----------------------------| A:-------------------------------------------------------------------------| E:-------------------------------------------------------------------------| e:----------------------------------------------------|| B:--------14-14H15P14----------14----15-14------------|| G:-----16-------------16-14-------16-------16-14H16-16|| D:--16----------------------16------------------------|| A:----------------------------------------------------|| E:----------------------------------------------------|| The lyrics and the chorus are always the intro pattern. at "Is there someone to...." he plays something like this: D A D D A Bm D A D A Bm I think it's wrong, but I am not sure, please correct me.... That's all folks.... bye Maxi ------------------------------------------------------ * Maxi Schultz | 85375 Neufahrn | Germany * * ------------------------------------------------ * * | Rage on IRC * * ------------------------------------------------ * ## CrossPoint v3.02 ##