Swallow The Sea

Great song out of Walls, you can even hear Sara Quin doing some background vocals =) (Special thanks to CameyTheShort and wojo4hitz who posted hd videos of this song performed live :) Standard tuning, but no capo for a change ^^ Verse: "A peerless depth ..."/"It's funny how the walls talk ..." |--------------------------| |--------------------------| |--------------------------| |--------------------------| |---9*-----7*-----2--------| |--10*-----8*-----3--------| Chorus : "Woah, woah" |-----------------------------| |-----------------------------| |-----------------------------| |-----------------9*-----5*---| |--2*------9*-----7*-----3*---| |--3*-----10*-----------------| That's it, the part that goes "Maybe it's my convict blood" is the same as the chorus.