Gonna Make You Sweat Everybody Dance Now Intro

Just the intro/main riff thing. eb|-----------| Bb|-----------| Gb|-4-4-----2-| Db|-4-4--4--2-| Ab|-2-2--4--0-| Eb|------2----| i prefer playing it a half step down, like it is above, but in standard it's like so: e|-----------| B|-----------| G|-3-3-------| D|-3-3--3--6-| A|-1-1--3--6-| E|------1--4-| have fun peeps. EDIT - And they need an official band site because there is no already existing artist category C + C, but they're old so they have no site... this may have to suffice: www.mtv.com/music/artist/c_c_music_factory/artist.jhtml http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C+C_Music_Factory