STAY C21 Tabbed by Pham Hong Y This is a good song with the marvellous chords!?! Try it Intro: Em G D C Em G D C Em G You know I´m gonna make a try D I never wanna let it die But this ain´t right C Don’t justify Em G You – you`re everything I need D But sometimes we just disagree C And this is my way to proceed G D Silence cannot breathe on your side G But emptiness is my wound C ´Cuz I´m in pain why can´t you see I´m down Am C D Being the one just around Chorus: G D I´ll stay away ´till it`s over C ´Cuz you need to realize D It´s time for me to go G D Please stay away ´till it`s over C And I will clear my thoughts again D Crazy or blind G I´ll stay away ´till it`s gone Em D C D (2x) (the same chord as verse 1) You – you`re everything I want The reason why I wrote this song I´ll be back when words are gone If silence can`t survive on your side Then loneliness is my pride When I´m in pain why can`t you see I´m down Being the one just around I´ll stay………….. You have to understand It`s only for a while You have to understand This is just my style