Black Hand

Cadence Weapon - Black Hand Tabbed by Rory Lidstone Official Cadence Weapon site: Only my second tab here, and I'm somewhat unsure of it, so please give me any you've got! Main bit: Then: |---------------|-----------------| |---------------|-----------------| |-9-8-----------|-10-12-----------| |-X-X-6--7--7-7-|--X--X-6--7--7-7-| |-7-6-X--X--X-X-|--8-10-X--X--X-X-| |-0---4--5--5-5-|-------4--5--5-5-| So just back and forth between those two riffs for a while... Then, I'm very unsure about this: |----------| |-3--3-3---| |--------3-| |----------| |----------| |----------| SOMETHING like that 4 times. And, of course, the bridge: |-------------------------------| |-------------------------------| |-------------------------------| |-4---4/7-7---7/6-6---6/11---11-| |-X---X/X-X---X/X-X---X/-X----X-| |-2---2/5-5---5/4-4---4/-9----9-|X4 "I said, 'Get 'em, I'm done with dead rhythms...'" Anyway, I think it's passable. Have fun!