Theres A Stirring

==================================== There's A Stirring---Caedmon's Call ==================================== Transferred by Asa Gaston Transcripted by T-rev ( aka ‘The Worlds Greatest tabber' Capo 2nd fret for the whole song. Fret Numbers relevent to capo Intro: High E |-------------------------------------------------------------| B |3-3-1-0-0h1p0----0h1p0-----------------------------1/3-3-1-0-| G |---------------0-------2-0-0---0-0-2h4-4-4h5p4-2-0-----------| D |-------------0---------------0-------------------------------| A |-------------------------------------------------------------| Low E |-------------------------------------------------------------| --------------------------------| 0h1-1p0-------------------------| --------2-0-0---0-2-2h4-2-2p0-0-| --------------0-----------------| --------------------------------| --------------------------------| During the verses there is some pretty finger picking on G. If you type in the lyrics the chords fit right where they go. Bridge: C D G C D G G C G (Echo) Chorus: G D Em C G C G C G D C Then back to G for the verse. Now you may here this down climbing sound in the transitions from G to C and it goes like this: C G -3--3--3--3-| -3--3--3--3-| -0--0--0--0-| -2--0--0--0-| -3--3--2--2-| -x--x--x--3-| The Chords: G- 320033 C- x32033 actually Cadd9 But a lot of people use it as Cmaj D- xx0232 Em- 022000