Theres Only One

================================== There's Only One---Caedmon's Call ================================== Transferred by Asa Gaston Transcripted by T-rev ( aka ‘The Worlds Greatest tabber' Vs. 1 D2 Left his seemless robe behind D2 Asus4 Woke up in a stable crying D2 Lived and died and rose again D2 Asus4 G Savior for a guilty land Vs. 2 D2 It's a story like a children's tune D2 Asus4 And it's grown familiar as the moon D2 so now I ride my camel high D2 Asus4 And I'm aiming for the needle's eye Pre-Chorus: G I chased the wind, but i chased in vain I chased the earth, but it would not sustain Chorus: D A/C# There's only one Bm G Who never fails to beckon the morning light D A/C# there's only one Bm G who sets loose the gales and ties the trees down tight Bm A when all around my soul gives way D G he then is all my hope and stay Bm Bm A Bm Bm A there's only one only one A Holy one Vs. 3 Lord you are my prince of peace but this war brings me to my knees see there's a table you've prepared And all my enemies are there Pre-chorus 2 But where my shepard leads Where else can I go who else fills my cup