Transcribed by T-rev 12-string guitar, capo 4. VERSE 1: G Oh you say I got trouble C* I got trouble all over me G F C * I got trouble since the day I was born G And it's not just a struggle C* No it's the blood runnin' through my veins G F C And it's all the clothes I've ever worn D B7 C 'Cause when I'm with you I feel so overdressed CHORUS: G D Em C The trouble is I'm not above or beyond anything G D C * So I know you must be good for me G D Em C As far as you can and as bad as I am G D C * (D) Oh I know you must be good for me VERSE 2: G I'm a terrible lover C* I never love you the way I should G F C * Oh and every single reason's wrong G Oh my sister, my brother C* We got history on our heels G F C * And were runnin' like we broke the law D B7 C With friends like these tell me who needs the police REPEAT CHORUS BRIDGE: B7 Em Em7 We're makin' noise in the temple C#ø/E Cmaj7/E (Em7* Em,maj7) We're skimmin' off the top Em* Em,maj7 And we don't want you to suffer Em7* C#ø/E But you don't want to stop Am C /B Am Because you know that it's the on - ly way INSTRUMENTAL: G C* G C* REPEAT CHORUS TAG: G D C * Oh I know you must be good for me G F C Oh I know you must be good for me 320003 G x32013 C* 133211 F x32010 C lick * = two down-strums of C with D-string hammer-on xx0232 D x21202 B7 022000 Em 020000 Em7 04x000 C#ø/E (aka C#m7b5/E) 03x000 Cmaj7/E 05x000 Em7* 06x000 Em,maj7 07x000 Em* x02210 Am x2x010 C/B