Wings Of The Morning

====================================== ========================= Wings Of The Morning---Caedmon's Call------------Transfered by Asa Gaston ====================================== ========================= - standard tuning / capo 3rd fret - 022100 E (in the chorus 079900) 002200 A2 (in the chorus 077600) 004400 A6/9 024400 B2 (in the chorus 099800) 046600 C#m INTRO-RIFF (played on the high e-string): E e-0-2-3-2-3--0-2-3 A e-0-2-3-2-3--0-2-3/5 VERSE 1: E A2 C#m B2 followed by the intro Riff VERSE 2 PRE-CHORUS ("The spark..."): A2 A6/9 B2 CHORUS: E A2 C#m A2 B2 INTRO RIFF (2x) VERSES 3/4 PRE-CHORUS CHORUS BRIDGE ("We will..."): C#m B2 A2 B2 INSTRUMENTAL: E (B2) A2 (B2) C#m A2 B2 ALTERNATE CHORUS: E A2 C#m A2 B2 INTRO RIFF (fade out)