Love Me Strong

Intro Em D C Verse1 G D C Yes I know there are things we don't say. And I know they are things we don't do. G D C But I know I can't live without you. For some strange reason I need someone Em to give. C D I wonder if you realize just how you make me feel. When you say you love is Em not real. C I love you even when you are mad and your throwing things around D Em I love you even when you put me down. Pre-Chorus C D G C D Em Change-------- well you sorrow of all night rain well you ever smile again--- Chorus G D C Just tell me you'll love me and tell me you care. I will never leave you Em I'll always be there. G D C I'll give all things you want I'll give you what you need. Just never really D hurt me never make me bleed. Love me, love me, love me, love me strong Em Ah-- love me strong all night long. Verse2 Em C D I'm looking out the window and I'm wondering why I'm here if I only could Em save you with my tear. C D Moonlight shines across your face as you turn your head to say I'm sorry Em that I treated you this way. chorus Lead Pre-Chorus Chorus