Barbara Allen

Artist: Colin Meloy Song: Barbara Allen Album: Colin Meloy Sings Live! Transcribed By: Brett Vogel G G/f# Em D B7 C Am E|--3----3------0---3---2---0---0 B|--0----0------0---2---0---1---1 G|--0----0------0---3---2---0---2 D|--0----0------2---0---1---2---2 A|--x----x------2---0---2---3---0 E|--3----2------0---0---0---3---0 Capo: IV Intro: Em G Em G Em D B7 Twas round and about last mar in this tide Am D Em When the green leaves were swellin’ Em D B7 That Young Jimmy Grove of the West Country Am D Em fell in love with Barbara Allen G G/f# G G/F# Em He sent his men into the town G G/f# C to the place where she was dwellin’ G G/f# G G/F# Em Oh will ye come to my master, dear G G/f# Em If ye name be Barbara Allen Em G Em G (repeat as above) Then slowly, slowly got she up And slowly came she nigh him; And all she said when e'er she came, “Young man I think you’re dyin’.” Oh, yes I’m sick, I’m very sick Indeed I think I'm dyin' But a word from you will revive me again Oh lovely Barbara Allen "Do you recall, young man," she said, "When the red wine you were spillin'? How you made the ladies' health go 'round And you slighted Barbara Allen?" And death is printed on his face and all his heart is stealin' but still he cried as she left his side, "Hard-hearted Barbara Allen!" (Play Chords once and let ring) She was going over the field she heard the death bell tollin' and every sound the death bell gave--- "Hard-hearted Barbara Allen!" Oh mother, mother make me a bed Oh make it soft and narrow since Jimmy died for me today I'll die for him tomorrow. Outro: Em G Em G Em G Em (let ring)