Song - Charlie Artist - Colin Meloy Album - Colin Meloy Sings Trad. Arr. Shirley Collins Standard Tuning - EADGBE This is my first tab ever. And it's not really a tab, it's just chords. So...sorry. right though. I don't know how to play banjo though, so good luck with that. Everytime I say F#m, Colin plays an open E on the first beat and hammers onto the F#. to the song to figure it out, but it sounds fine if you don't do it. E F#m e|---2-2-| B|---2-2-| G|---2-2-| D|---4-4-| A|---4-4-| E|-0-2-2-| Intro: F#m F#m COLIN: Oh Charlie's neat, Charlie's sweet E C#7 Charlie he's a dandy F#m A And everytime he goes to town E F#m He brings me sugar candy