The Ruse And The Caper

BEFORE ANYTHING I WANNA GIVE A SPECIAL THANKS TO THE AWESOME GUITARIST FROM COYOTE THEORY,'Lane Bohman, FOR CORRECTING SOME ERRORS AND WELL YEA THANKS BRO This is my first tab and i made it cause i couldn't find any tabs for this song and its a really awesome song :) enjoy and here is the song link it's ACCURATE Verses Chords: E---x----xx---x---x| B---5----12---8---7| G---4----11---x---x| D---5----12---7---7| A---3----10---5---5| E---x----xx---x---x| Chorus Chords: E-3--x--3--7--x--x--3| B-5--7--3--8--5--7--3| G-4--x--4--7--5--x--4| D-5--7--5--9--5--7--5|One progression, three times A-3--5--5--7--7--5--5| E-x--x--3--x--5--x--3| Bridge (Meet me in a raindrop): E--x---xx--xx--xx| B--8---10--12--15| G--x---xx--xx--xx| Repeat D--5---7----9--12| A--x---x----x--xx| E--x---x----x--xx| Please support this band and publish their music video on your Facebook so more and more people get to know about them :) rate haha thank you :)