B G Exes C B G I've got no acces to my exes C B G I'm sure by now they've moved to Texas C B A C or took a one way trip to Naxos B G Exes C B G I've lost the battle of the sexes C B G Like making love inside of taxis C A G C They liked the sting but not the cactus Em D C G I know that exes reflect my youth Em D C G I know that exes are my male proof Em D C G I know they're guilty of being the past Em D But you've killed the cupid C You're over them B G Exes C B G I've got no problem with my exes C B G They loved me driving in my Lexus C B A C A road's as good as all its exits B G Exes C B G so out of date like sending faxes C B G I was the tree they were the axes C B A C They liked the pray but not the mantis Em D C G The cynical collector of birds not bees Em D C G The problem detector got high on heels Em D C The beauty protector with no degree B for exes Em D Which is good which is constructive C Which is what a woman needs Em D Don't go asking for forgiveness C Go plead guilty all degrees Em D You were raised on definitions C With your dears obscuring deeds B Your actions B G Exes C B G you like 'm young but not the acne C B G You like the team but not the referee C B A C I wonder how it feels to ex me So go ahead and B G ex me C B G Try to forget just don't annex me C B G I thought I threw away the frisbee C B A C I'd say we try to stick to plan B Em D Like a missile that ain't guided C G I was following my seed Em D Like a horse that hasn't travelled C G I took hay for upper purple weed Em D I got excommunicated C G Cause I couldn't play the creep B for exes B G Exes C B G too young to check all their reflexes C B G No use explaining who T-Rex is C B A C They are the source of all complexes You know... B G exes Tabbed by Jason Callewaert, have fun!