Shortcut To The Shore

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dara Mcnamara vs. Bluwi – Shortcut To The Shore ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: elgitarrista Email: visit Dara Mcnamara on get the song for free from: (right click on “Musik zum and “save target as”) A very nice song to sing and play along with. Have Fun! Tuning: standard chords: E A G#m F#m B C#m E/A |--0--0---3---2---2---4----0-| |--0--2---3---2---4---5----0-| |--1--2---3---2---4---6----2-| |--2--2---5---4---4---6----2-| |--2--0---5---4---2---4----2-| |--0--x---3---2---x---4----0-| [verse] E A G#m F#m I’m like a snowball in the sun B A E You make me feel so good inside A G#m F#m I’m like a raincoat in the rain B A E You are the sugar and the spice A G#m F#m If this is love we fit right in B A E We’re lookin’ good in every light [chorus] F#m G#m I’m in the water, won’t you teach me how to swim C#m B A I know a shortcut to the shore F#m G#m I hear the music and the drummers name is Tim A B He plays the snare on two and four [verse] E A G#m F#m I’m like an icecube in the fridge B A E I just can’t wait to cool your drink A G#m F#m I’m like a mango on a peachtree B A E You are the summer to my spring A G#m F#m If this is love we fit right in B A E You play the queen, I’ll be your king [chorus] I’m in the water, let me get back on the boat I know a shortcut to the shore I hear the music and the singers name is Toad He claps his hands on two and four [solo] chord progression: C#m F#m 2x … G#m … C#m A B A E (E/A) E e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------16-14-------------------------------16-14-----------------------| G|---13h16-------16p13--16--16/18--------13h16-------16p13--16--16/18------| D|--------------------------------------------------------------------16-16| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-------------------------~~----------------------------------------------| D|-------------------------11-13-11----9/11--------------------------------| A|--7h9-11-12-11~~---12h14-------------------9-7~-7h9-9/11--9h11-9-7-7h9-9~| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|-9h11-9--------(9)~~-(this E is first note-------------------------------| A|--------9h11-9--7~~~--of following verses)-------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| I’m like a penguin... | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note [verse] I’m like a penguin on the bayou I might as well be floatin’ in space I’m like a clown without his make-up You put the smile back onto my face End: A G#m F#m If this is love we fit right in B A E (let ring) It makes no sense in any ole way!