One Of Those Days

Duran Duran - One Of Those Days (2004) Tabbed by: trevgreg Email: Tuning: Standard This is the tenth track from the band's Astronaut album. Lots of keyboards in this song, and there's a pretty simple guitar riff or two you can get out of it. This riff is played during the verses. Don't forget that a D5 is played instead of a B5 the last line of the two verses also. F#5 G5 B5 e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|----------------------------4-----4--4-----4--4----------------------------| D|--4---4--4-----5---5--5-----4-----4--4-----4--4----------------------------| A|--4---4--4-----5---5--5-----2-----2--2-----2--2----------------------------| E|--2---2--2-----3---3--3----------------------------------------------------| F#5 G5 D5 e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|----------------------------7-----7--7-----7--7----------------------------| D|--4---4--4-----5---5--5-----7-----7--7-----7--7----------------------------| A|--4---4--4-----5---5--5-----5-----5--5-----5--5----------------------------| E|--2---2--2-----3---3--3----------------------------------------------------| Here's another distorted riff that Andy sometimes plays between Simon's lines during the verses. e|---------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------------------| A|--2--2---------------------------------------------------------| E|-------0--2----------------------------------------------------| The chords below are played during the chorus twice. Towards the end of it, just before Simon sings "I'm not the only one", repeat the D5 arrangement and then play the G5-D5 transition shown below as many times needed. E B5 G5 D5 e|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|--1-----1--1-----1--1-----4-----4--4-----4--4-----------------------------7-----7--7-----7--7--| D|--2-----2--2-----2--2-----4-----4--4-----4--4-----5-----5--5-----5--5-----7-----7--7-----7--7--| A|--2-----2--2-----2--2-----2-----2--2-----2--2-----5-----5--5-----5--5-----5-----5--5-----5--5--| E|--0-----0--0-----0--0-----------------------------3-----3--3-----3--3--------------------------| D5 G5 D5 e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|--7-----7--7-----7--7-----------------------------7-----7--7-----7--7------| D|--7-----7--7-----7--7-----5-----5--5-----5--5-----7-----7--7-----7--7------| A|--5-----5--5-----5--5-----5-----5--5-----5--5-----5-----5--5-----5--5------| E|--------------------------3-----3--3-----3--3------------------------------| I couldn't hear the guitar as well towards the end of the song, but I figured out a structure to strum to that should be pretty close to what's being played. You'll see it in the lyrics underneath here. F#5 G5 B5 Suddenly it all looks so familiar F#5 G5 B5 Gone and wrecked it, like I always did F#5 G5 B5 Don't you know that life is out to kill ya F#5 G5 D5 But you still go getting on with it E B5 Seen better times than right now G5 D5 But I'm not running away No nothing's gonna bring me down G5 D5 D5 It's just been one of those days G5 D5 I'm not the only one F#5 G5 B5 They can drag me to the gates of hell now F#5 G5 B5 There's nothing left but I'm still hangin' in F#5 G5 B5 Not for me, ain't no final showdown F#5 G5 D5 I'm too shattered to do anything E B5 Seen better times than right now G5 D5 But I'm not running away E B5 Coz nothing's gonna bring me down G5 D5 D5 It's just been one of those days G5 D5 I'm not the only D5 one feeling this way G5 D5 and i'm not sorry B5 - G5 - D5 - E B5 - G5 - D5 E G5 I'm not the only D5 one feeling this way E G5 And i'm not sorry D5 Not runnin' away E G5 I'm not the only D5 One feeling this way E G5 And I'm not sorry D5 i hear you say E G5 no i'm not sorry E - G5 - D5