Button For Punishment

Button For Punishment Everybody Else www.everybody-else.com Capo II Intro: G Em C Cmaj7 D e:---3--3---3--3---0--0---------0---0--0---0---0----2-| B:---3--3---3--3---0--0---------0---1--1---0---0----3-| G:---0--0---0--0---0--0-----0---0---0--0---0---0----2-| D:---0--0---0--0---2--2-0h2---0-----2--2---2---2--0---| A:--------------------------------3------3---3--------| E:-3------3------0------------------------------------| G G Em I'm taking a chance cause that's all I got Em C Cmaj7 D D When I walk away you'll tell me to stop The back of my hand too painful to see And I feel your shadow follow me Chorus: C C D D Can't get enough, you really are torturous G G Em Em/D My girl an audience that isn't impressed C C D D You are my button for punishment G G Em Bm Am Am Cm D That I push until I'm satisfied (D) My jacket is on, 'can leave when I want Both only a word I'll be meant to spot Where your lash is stern, and your breath was warm Like delicate breezes before the storm You could almost forget you really are the torturous My dear a teacher looking over my test You are my button for punishment That I push until I'm satisfied...but I'm not satisfied G Em Give me some punishment Am D Oh I can take it, give me more G Em Oh please baby help me, kill me Am D I would loose my mind if I can't stayyyyyyyyyyyy Intro x2 (...if I can't stay) So don't you forget when walking where the river leaves Wearin' a ring that's from a vending machine I am a glutton for punishment And I won't stop until I'm satisfied...but I'm not satisfied Give me some punishment On this rainy evening, no use hiding on The corner of piss and mercy You accidently said you love me Now I bet you wish you could just take it back but now I know C C D D G It's a fact and that's your punishment