Meat Market

e-----------------------------------------10--8~---------10--8~/10~-| b--10---10------------------ ------10-----------10---------------| g----10---10~-------10------ x2 ------------------------------------| d------------10/12-----12-- ------------------------------------| a-------------------------------------------------------------------| E-------------------------------------------------------------------| (nc) E# A# instead of falling in love like that E# you should be knocking on my heart A# you're back E# and you should never forget E# E# that the world where we met C A# is a meat market (same chords) so don't go falling in love with me you should be digging the scenery you should be reading the sign overhead says that this is a meat market Chorus: E# A# C and you'll never get away from me Dm Am Gm so what you'd try do about it? A# C you could just give me your number now Dm Am Gm or make me have to live without it A# C no, you'll never get away from me E# don't even try A# Dm A# Dm A# C E# so, what's your number, little girl? there will be blood on the streets tonight 'cause in this gutter of a world i see light it's in the eyes of a girl who is so inset (?) over meat market i don't believe we've met before but i'll be walking into my door and i'll be throwing your clothes on the bed like i said it's a meat market (chorus repeats till the end, with the riff in between and at the end) so, what's your number, little girl? i said, what's your number, little girl? what's your number, little girl?