Black Is The Colour

Gaelic Storm - Black is the Colour ======================================= Tabbed by Owen Tosh Dm Bb C Dm Black is the colour of my true love's hair Bb C Dm A Her lips are like some roses fair Bb C Dm The sweetest smile and the gentlest hands Bb C Dm I love the ground whereon she stands Bb C Dm I love my love and well she knows Bb C Dm A I love the ground whereon she goes Bb C Dm I hope the day will one day come Bb C Dm When she and I will be as one Bb C Dm I go to the Clyde for to mourn and weep Bb C Dm A For satisfied I never can be Bb C Dm I write her letters, just a few short lines Bb C Dm And suffer death a thousand times I prefer to play this song in Am - here's the transposition: Dm --> Am Bb --> F C --> G A --> E