Marys Eyes

B Verse1: Mary's eyes are startling blue Abm And her hair's Newcastle gold E F# And she walks the thin white line between the body and the soul B She's as faithful to her history Abm As a novice to his fast E F# For she's standing on the bones of Ireland's past Chorus: E She's singing of the troubles B E And the fire in the land B F# 'Til I can almost feel the famine slipping through my trembling hand E And i wonder as I hear her, B E That the spirit still shines through B E F# B And she can reach across the ocean deep and break my heart in two... B Verse 2: Mary's wise and she is foolish Abm She's as constant as the tide E F# For it's a woman's heart that beats beneath that stubborn Irish pride B We are saints and we are sinners Abm F# E We are heros we are theives. We are all of us beginners on the road to Galilee Chorus Instrumental: Verse 3 B So let us hiost a pint of silence Abm To the east where ireland lies E And we will stare across the waters F# For a glimpse of Mary's eyes B We are ships without a harbor Abm We are sailors are on dry land E And the song goes on forever F# Even though the record can't Chorus