She Was The Prize

G7 C I've lived a long life D And now I'm looking back G7 C It's the end of the road D The last stop on the track G7 C And I smile as I think D Of my true love once more G7 C D The light of my life the one I adore CHO: G7 D C D She...she was the prize G7 C D Prettiest girl with the loveliest eyes G7 D C D She...she was the prize G7 C D G G7 Shiny black hair and those lovely, those lovely brown eyes I met her one night At the harvest fair dance I longed for a whisper I hoped for a glance Then she turned and she smiled And I melted away And I knew I'd be with her til my dying day CHO We lay on the cliffs and we walked hand in hand We threw stones in the waves We drew hearts in the sand Without warning clouds rolled in and darkened the sun And when they rolled out My light she was gone CHO Now I've shed all my tears And I've said my goodbyes Now I'll lay myself down Where my pretty girl lies And when I awake I'll be on earth no more I'll be dancin' a jig with the girl I adore CHOx2 ----------------------------- It's a song I love and my chords might not be exact but it sound right to me when I play it. Enjoy. "Herding Cats" buy the album!!