Almighty God

ALMIGHTY GOD Text and melody: Gary Sadler Record: UNGDOM I OPPDRAG SKIEN - SURROUND `X = pushed INTRO: ||: Fsus4 -`F | Fsus4 - `F | Bb | Gm :|| VERS 1: F C Gm Almighty God Bright and glorious one Dm Bb F Clothed in majesty Shining like the sun C Dm The angels cry Creation bows to You G Bb Before Your throne is the roar of singing (Halleluja) CHORUS: F C Dm Almighty is our God Evermore to rain Bb F Worthy of all praise and glory C Dm Almighty is our King Name above all names Bb Gm Everything with breath cry holy Almighty is our God Intro VERS 2: Oh Jesus Christ Lamb of sinner´s slain You tasted death for us But rose in power again And You will come And every knee will bow before Your will be millions singing Hallelujah Chorus BRIDGE: Dm F Bb Gm Dm F Bb Gm Holy Holy Holy Holy Worthy worthy is our God x2 Chorus x2 Outro (Intro)