Day As Heaven Wept

Am-E-C-Dm-D-G-F GUITAR1:ACUSTIC GUITAR GUITAR2:DISTORATIN GUITAR ....................................... PART 1 GUITAR 1 Am E Am C left with no life inside to be awakened F Dm Am They will never see the morning sun again Am C G Hypocrisy killed the forsakened Am E Am Who thought, faith would be their only friend (orchestra part The scenery shows the ashes of some who tried to refuse Rising smoke becomes one with the dim light of the pale and lurid moon Can dark clouds hide the hidden from the mighty eye of god? Using his name on the pretext of deciding who's allowed to live... ) PART2 GUITAR 2 Am-C-Am-Am-E-Am(you should play this part fast as you can..) F-G-F-G... SOLO PART: Am-C-Am-C(you should play this part fast as you can also..) PART3 F G F From high above the Lord silently watches and grieves F G F And sadness rises from his inner deep (orchestra part) For thou, my son hath been crucified Dm F G F All the angels laid down their trumpets and cried THE LAST PART IS THE SAME PART 3 for