Its Too Hot

Alright guys, I took the tabs that used to be on mypants and I corrected the lyrics the the original version as well as putting the chords all the way through and filling in a couple of things that were left out. For more Hank Green tabs and nerdfighteria discussion visit Best Wishes! ------------------------------------------ My [G]eyes snap open it's [C]two o' clock I [G]rip off my shirt my [C]pants my socks, [G]something's wrong but [C]I don't know [G]what [D] [G]But then I finally [C]realize There's [G]sweat trickling [C]down my thighs and a [G]fire between the [C]matress and my [G]butt [D] It's too [G]HOOOOT it's to [C]hot in [G]here I'm [C]gonna fall off of my [G]chair If I have a[D]nother ice cold [D7]beer I for[G]gooooot how much it [C]sucks to sweat in [G]bed And I [C]don't want to drink your Iced [G]Tea I wanna take a [D]bath in it in[C]stead It's too hot[G]. [D][C][G] [G]layin' on the floor with my [C]clothes off Silk [G]boxer shorts and a [C]wash cloth Are [G]the only things I'll [C]let touch my [G]skin today [D] [G]Sprayin' myself with an [C]upside down air can [G]Makin' out with the [C]window fan [G]Hopin' the mail man [C]doesn't look [G]in today It's too [G]HOOOOOT It's too [C]hot in this [G]town My [C]will to live is [G]melting and [D]that's what's [D7]got me down It's too [G]Hoooot This whole [C]state is on [G]fire I'm an [C]endothermic [G]organism and [D]that's why I [D7]perspire [G]when it's too Hot [D][C][G] The U[C]nited Nations Says [G]eleven thousand [D]People die of [C]hotness each [G]year But the [C]burning sun it wants e[G]leven thousand and one But it's [D]not gonna [C]get me y'[G]hear [D][C][G] [G]Sweating in my [C]basement all alone watching [G]hotness prevails by the [C]wine cone Sympa[G]thizing with my [C]favorite youtube [G]star [D] [G]How could anyone be [C]so deranged To [G]not believe in [C]climate change. [G]When it's 102 in [C]Montana in the [G]Dark [D] It's too [G]HOOOOOT I'm [C]Doing a funny [G]dance Cause [C]went and got some [G]ice cubes and I [D]put them in my [D7] pants It's to [G]HOOOOOOT It's too [C]hot in [G]here I'm [C]probably gonna' [G]pass out but [D]please pass me my [D7]beer It's too [G]hot. [D][C][G] X2 [G]Spraying myself with an [C]upsidedown air can [G]Makin' love with that win[C]dow fan