Theyre Tearin The Labor Camps Down

They're Tearin' The Labor Camps Down E A E I came back to California cause my home was here B E To look up my old sweetheart just for fun A E Mom and Dad had both passed on in two short years B E While my patriotic chores bein’ done I saw changes all around me and some were good But I hardly recognized my side of town They tore down the swingin' casing from the cottowood And that tree was all that marked familar ground. Chorus: E A E Oh, they're tearin' the labor camps down Ab C#m And I feel a little sentimental shame A E Where's a working man gonna live at in this town B E Oh, they're tearin' the labor camps down. The Hilltop family market had been moved somewhere And the name was changed to fit the newer homes The things that I remember were no longer there And the cabin that my daddy built was gone. Chorus by: José Duarte