Your Joy Is My Low Acoustic

IamX - Your Joy Is My Low (version accoustique ) album: "Kiss & Swallowed" Web: Tabbed by: >>>--T!0ne3--> ( Tuning: E A D G B E "accords trouvé depuis une verion accoustique de 'Your Joy Is My Low' pr la tonalité , il faudra peut-etre un CAPO ( ma guitare n etant pas ds le bon laisse chercher) Soyez indulgents, ceci est ma 1er retranscription ;-)" Atlternate this 2 positions for the chords Am F D e---0--0----0---0----0--0---| B---1--1----1---1----3--3---| G---2--0----2---2----2--0---| D---2--2----3---3----0--0---| A---0--0----3---3----0--0---| E---0--0----1---1----0--0---| Am F D he takes your face and positions it to take your mouth Am F D you bite you bite to excite yourself Am F D he wants the colour of you to wear and feel alive Am F D and you bite and i'm awake and i'm the slave tonight Am F D you lie you lie to spare my life you needed it he tasted you inside out Am F D your joy is my low (4* ) you shift the play push the curve to sit between your thighs it's a sign it's time to exercise the lines you want the double cut through to wet invade and slide so you slide and i'm awake and i'm the slave tonight ------- Enjoy ! Ben.