Less Than Nothing

ARTIST: I Hate Myself SONG: Less than Nothing ALBUM: 4 Songs TIME: 4/4 KEY: F TUNING: Standard (EADGBE) TABBED BY: Doc Brown DATE: September 17, 2009 INTRO | F/C | Bb | F/A | C7/G | VERSE | F/C | Bb | F/A | C7/G | CHORUS | F | C/E | Bb/D | C | INTRO RIFF F Bb F C E|-----------------------------------------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------------------------------------| D|---------10----10--8-----8-----8---------7-----7---5-----5-----5-| A|-8---8-------8--(8)--8-------8---8---8-------8--(8)--8-------8---| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------| VERSE F Bb F C F Bb F C Sixty watts, brighter than my future, an empty forty fuller than my life... CHORUS F C/E ...you lied. And I can't dry my eyes and there is nothing left in Bb/D C C/E F side, one day. the day. the day that I said I... *My notation F/C means play an F chord, but emphasize the C