Things That Rhyme With Orange Acoustic

I didnt make it full because,you know,there's many parts of this song that used scream vocal. Verse Am C I'm so iconoclastic; I'm clastic! F I only want you to think I'm fantastic. Am C I'll participate in what you believe, F If you give me the attention! Am C F Yeah, yeah that's the only compensation (F) I want to be included in your conversation. Am C So am I "in" or am I "out" F What is there to think about! ? Am What is that paint brush for? C Are you preparing to draw me? F Fm No wait, please don't! I am scared, Of what I'll see... Am I'm not a perfect picture portrait, C But I am working on it! F I've been thinking about being cool, I must have to admit! Chorus C Dm Blame it on the corporate skyscrapers in the clouds, F But if wasn't for you, C We wouldn't have all these multiple crowds. Dm F How am I suppose to choose, which one I belong to? Bridge Am C F It has to be a unanimous determination. Am C F Because one opinion would be a pointless appreciation. Am C Yeah, sure thanks for the invitation! F Don't want to be included in your conversation... Am It's to late! C F We've over thrown I took all your friends, (F) And you're all alone. This is my first chords so if there any vaults,make some comment okay. Thanks :D