Ps And Qs

Capo on 1st fret (Bassline) VERSE E A I put the pain in your neck C#m A and you put the beat in my heart E A I made a sound for your ears C#m A and you make the words from my mouth E A C#m A now your a voice, sit and behave or ponder, E A so I'm remembering my P's and Q's C#m A as that's what you want me to (REFRAIN) E B I'd like to see you proud, C#m E F#m I'd like to see you in the best of news, E A I'd like to see you in my sight your highest highs, B because I'm close to you, (x2) E A C#m A And time may have pulled us down, E A C#m A but it wont pull us apart, VERSE I'm alive, and you are kicking I'm close to cold, and you are freezing, the mindless shuffle of your feet, and the tiny chance when I look at you you feel close to me (Refrain in E B C#m E F#m and E B) Strum C#m in the picking section Ending part: C#m E B C#m E B F#m C#m E B C#m E B F#m C#m I'm not sure about that last part, it may be wrong. Feel free to use this and make or corrections, I would be happy to get confirmed whether it sounds right or not. Cheers!