Come On In And See

Smitty,J. "Come on in and see" words and lyrics by Smith (verse 1) Don't live in fear Grab another beer Dont watch porn There's a party going on Don't feel so low Grab another hoe This night will set you free Just come on in and see (chorus 1) Outside the girls will be-a jumping Upstairs the beds will be-a bumping Somewhere there's bound to be a thunping Just come Come on in and see (chorus 2) Watch your leg the dog will be-a humpin Dont worry the keg will be-a pumpin Watch your beer cause people will be jumpin Just come come on in and see repeat> just come on in see this party will set you free x 3 power barred chords: verse= A5, G5, A, G chorus= Fb, F(slide to) G interlude= G x10/ A x10 i'm a young singer songwritter trying to get my works out and heard ive got a couple more songs to post please e-mail me for comments,put-downs, or encouragements thank you, Josh Smith(J.Smitty)