All The Way

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the# #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.# #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 17:41:59 -0800 !From: Judy Letostak Subject: TAB:Judas Priest - All The Way Judas Priest - All The Way (Judy Letostak) Metal Edge BBS (619)423-4970 Intro (not entirely correct) repeat 3x ----10--10--0---8--8----8--7---8--8---8--7--------------- 10--10--10-10---8--8----8--7---8--8---8--7--6--6--8------ -9------------------------------------------5--5--7------ --------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- Verse ==========2x============================================= ---------------------------|----------------------------- --------------8------------|-------------8--------------- --------------7---7--------|-------------7-----7--------- --2-----------5---7----7---|-------------5-----7--------- --0---------------5----7---|-2-----2-----------5--------- -----------------------5---|-0-----0--------------------- ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ ----------------------2-------2----- --2----2----3---5-----0-------0----- --0----0----1---3----------------3b- Chorus 2x --------------------------------- --------------------------------- --------------------------------- ----------------2----7-----7----- --2-----2-------0----5--7--5--7-- --0-----0---------------5-----5-- Verse The lead is the same little lick with minor variations. I didn't tab out the whole thing, use your imagination. Lead --------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- --7b(8)--rb7--5--7--------------------------------------- --------------------7----repeat-w/variations------------- --------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- Chorus 2x Ending is the Intro until fade with the lead and variations of the lead. Metal Edge BBS (619)423-4970 (San Diego, CA USA) Over 10,000 Guitar Tabs, pictures, construction docs, lessons, interviews, sound files, lyrics, programs. Riot Member and Distro, Warlock WHQ MetalNet WHQ =========================================================== h = hammeron ps = pick scrape p = pulloff % = repeat phrase ~ = vibrato b = bend + natural harmonic / = Slide * = Artificial Harmonic x = ghost note tr = trill =========================================================== Lyrics: Alright baby. You know how to have a good time don't cha It's the way you stand You're always attracting attention Now with your hands on your hips, and a Snarl on your lips Your eyes wore the look of danger There's a lion in your heart, That's set to quick start, To a glance from any stranger You give as good as you get No one's beat you yet You take the lead You never need You know all the moves you've got to make You take it all, you take it all the way Ya never do things by half You're a man with a reputation You never shy when the problems fly You can cope with any situation You take the wheel and crack the whip You never slip You rule the roost You always boast Yeah you're lookin' after number one You take it all, you take it all the way