Табулатура в формате Guitar Pro , содержащая следующие дорожки:

Vocals: Rob
Lead 1 (square]
Guitar: K.K.
Overdriven Guitar
Guitar: Glenn
Overdriven Guitar
Bass: Ian
Acoustic Bass
Drums: John


I got home late this even ing, stumb led up the stair I could n't be lieve my eyes when I looked in the bed room there My wo man with a man was ly ing fast a sleep _ I felt a rage in side me, con trol I could n't keep She was a chea ter I reached the dres sing ta ble, kicked a way the door I gripped the cold black me tal, a load _ ed for ty four _ By this time they're a wake and they don't know what to do _ I scream you cheat ing bitch here's what I think of you _ You are a chea ter They both plea ded for mer cy, I said "No Way" When you do this u pon me, you have no say _ I trea ted you so real good, and this is what you do _ Oh no I've fin ished with you, your time is through They both were cheat ers If you need a chea ter there's no bo dy swee ter than this one There's no nea ter, come on here and meet her _ Chea ter, chea ter, chea ter, come on and meet her...