Little Miss Naked You

Justin Black – Little Miss Naked You (simple chords) Intro: E, Abm, A, B x2 Verse: 1 E Abm A B I Remember a time when I loved a girl E Abm A B She lived on the other side of my broken world E Abm A B I lived in a house made out of broken homes E Abm A B C#m A little bit of smoke, some dried up coke, and sticks and stones Bridge: 1 B Ab7 I’ve got a story that I’d like to tell A About a goodbye and babe I wish you well C#m B Ab7 There’s no glory, for me it’s only hell A (no chord here) Be sure and speak up if it rings a bell Chorus: E Abm A B Clash, clash, give me that stash fast before I crash E Abm A B I’m done, done just begun, damn girl well you so much fun E Abm A B E Like hash, have a bash, where the cash well I don’t need none Abm A B E I should have run before her shirt buttons came undone Abm A B E There’s no mistakin’ you, Abm A B E Little miss naked you Abm A B E There’s no mistakin’ you, Abm A B E Little miss naked you Verse: 2 There is no point no just a memory That fallows me round like a bad disease Please Mr. Breeze blow her back to me Don’t leave, I need you know I still believe I’ve got a story and it’s already told Stop me now if you think it’s gettin’ old There’s no glory, for still I won’t fold Mr. Breeze you only gave me a cold(pause 4 bars) Chorus: Bridge: 2 Chorus: Ending: Abm A B E There’s no mistakin’ you Abm A B C#m7 Would you be my girl