I Found You

Here's A Song That's Really Simple To Play, Chords Wise That Is. intro: G, Em, G, Em G Em somebody love me somebody care G Em somebody hold me when i'am scared Am Em somebody reach out and hold my hand Am Em somebody somewhere must understand chorus Am C G i found you Am C G and you wanted me too Em G somebody touch me somebody give Em G give me a reason i wanna live Am Em oh i don't ask for much Am Em all i want darling is a little trust (Chorus) x2 solo- Em, G, Em, G, Am, Em, Em, Am, C, G, Am, C, G. Em G sombody trust me somebody care Em G i ain't got much girl but i'm willing to share Am Em oh it's hard this world can be so cold Am Em we all need a little lovin it's what makes us whole (Chorus) x2 this is my first putting up some chords and the reason why i chose this song is because is the first song i learned by ear, enjoy.