Watch Out Boys

Tabbed by: Drew Moden E-mail: Hey, this is my first tab. i looked around but couldnt find one for this song so i put together. its by a great little aussie band and a kick ass song - ENJOY! x = mute after playing / = slide Intro - secton of drums then distorted guitar (all are downstrokes until chorus) e|-----------------------------------------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------------------------------------| x2 D|-5--5-5--5-5/12--12-12--12-12/10--10-10--10-10--10--10-10--10-10/| A|-5--5-5--5-5/12--12-12--12-12/10--10-10--10-10--10--10-10--10-10/| E|-3--3-3--3-3/10--10-10--10-10/8---8--8---8--8---8---8--8---8--8/-| Verse e|-----------------------------------------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------------------------------------| x4 D|-5-5x--5-5-5/12-12x--12-12-12/10-10x-10-10-10--10x-10-10-10x-----| A|-5-5x--5-5-5/12-12x--12-12-12/10-10x-10-10-10--10x-10-10-10x-----| E|-3-3x--3-3-3/10-10x--10-10-10/-8--8x--8--8--8---8x--8--8--8x-----| "I don't care if it takes too long to apologise, I don't care if it lasts all week like a satellite, I don't care if you see me alone in the candlelight..." Pre-Chorus (after 4th verse) e|----------------------------| B|----------------------------| G|----------------------------| D|-10-10x--10-10-12-12x-12-12-| A|-10-10x--10-10-12-12x-12-12-| E|-8--8-x--8--8--10-10x-10-10-| then... e|----------------------------| B|----------------------------| G|- 9-------11----------------| (no muting here) D|-10-------12----------------| A|-10-x5----12-x13------------| E|--8-------10----------------| "For things I never realised..." Chorus e|------------------------------| B|------------------------------| G|--------7-------------5-------| D|-5------7-x5---2------5-x5----| A|-5-x5---5------2-x5---3-------| E|-3-------------0--------------| "Watch out boys The girls next door They're gonna run run run Through your heart once more Watch out girls the boys next door They're gonna run run run Through your heart once more" Thats pretty much all I can figure out so PLEASE SOMEONE MAKE A TAB FOR THE SOLO, its my favourite part of the song and im only new to guitar so it would be much appreciated.. thanx, cya later