Harry Kidnap

Harry Kidnap D Harry don't G Fly D Not like he G Used to D all the games A Used to play are G broken on the A playground floor G Use D less verse 2 as 1 except where he sings " go " play an A pre chorus Em Harry kidnaps G Cool Em Harry kidnaps G Cool he wrote all the D Rules Chorus D We'll get by like we G Used D to when he G Used D to run the A Show Em He will smile and look G Youthfull such a C Shame he G Had to A Go Verse 3 and 4 as 1 Pre chorus 2 as 1 Chorus 2 as 1 D say a prayer for the G Box D ers for the G Build D ers to the A man Em sing a song for the G Dreamers for the C fathers G and te A sons for the outro just play the chorus chords again.