While Were Young Acoustic

This is the tab for the acoustic recording of this song as shown on this youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erN03Ql-V-8 NOTE: It is different to the tab for the original. Ed uses a capo on 3rd in the original but no capo in this version. I'll post a guitar pro for the original when I've finished, along with most of their other songs so watch this space! I'll just give the chord's tab and you can work out the rhythm/picking as it's quite unique. Essentially, it is down stroke on the E note then upstroke on the chord. Intro/Verse/Chorus E|-----------------10---------10-------------| B|-----8-----------10---------8--------------| G|-----0-----------0----------0--------------| D|-----0-----------0-------------------------| A|-----7------------------7------------------| E|--0----------10---------8------------------| Mid 8 E|------------------------------| |---------10--------------10------| B|----1-------1-----------------| |---------8---------------10------| G|----2-------------0------0----| |---------------------------------| D|----2-------2-----0------0----| X2 |---------------------------------| A|------------3-----2------2----| |-------7-------------------------| E|------------------3------2----| |--0--0-------11--11--11----------| Hope this is accurate enough for everyone, remember, watch out for FULL guitar pro tabs of: Yoko, Ribena, Violence, While we're young, Like Dogs, and Sit Down! Will