No Smoke

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NO SMOKE - QUEENSBERRY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Queensberry homepage: Tabbed by: smacksmash Tuning: Stamdart EADGBE Intro: e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|---4-----------3-4-4-------------------------------------------------------| E|-----5-4-4---4-------------------------------------------------------------| Play the intro twice Chords for the verses: C#5 I guess I felt for him A5 Always believed in him Ab5 I let my heart rule my head C#5 You really got to me A5 Your sensuality Ab5 What pleasure am I only need --------------------------------- I'm not sure about the chords for pre-chorus & bridge yet but i will update this tab immediately if I'm able figure it out ;) --------------------------------- -------- |Chorus| -------- C# A5 You said you love me Ab5 I was so blind Ab5 C5 C#5 You had my world spinning round and round C#5 A5 You said you need me Ab5 Is that a matter of fact Ab5 C5 C#5 While everybody's talking behind my back C#5 A5 Ab5 You said I was your heart and soul-desire Ab5 Ab5 There ain't no smoke Without fire //END