I Believe Again

------------------------------------------------------------- Ra - I believe again standard tuning tabbed on acoustic oversimplified for starters ------------------------------------------------------------- Ra's Dm7's are just F's with a low D note played by the bassist. You can replace them with regular Dm's. ------------------------------------------------------------- F Dm7 x 4 F G F You opened up a door and showed a distant light G Am Delightful eyes that hold the world in grey and white G Dm7 Romantic arms designed to empty out my heart F G F Creative joy, dynamic love right from the start F I believe in a world that can take you high Dm7 I believe in a thought that can touch the sky F I believe in peace and harmony Dm7 I believe that you belong to me F G F Collective mind I underestimate the sun G Am In everything in everywhere in everyone G Dm7 Semantic goals I disregard the simple truth F G F I trade my fear, I trade my hurt in for my youth Bb Am If only I could hold you every day C Dm I could undertake a larger mission Bb Am I know that you and I is hard to say C Dm Am Am But broken pieces can be whole again, whole again E | ---1-- B | ---1-- G | ---2-- Dm7 D | ------ A | ---x-- E | ---x-- E | ---1-- B | ---3-- G | ---3-- Bb D | ---3-- A | ---1-- E | ---1-- Great song! (tarowe4@hotmail.com)