Spaceball Richochet

Just worked out another crackin' T rex tune.I reckon its pretty much spot on, apart from the intro/outro maybe. The rest is very easy with just three chords. Here goes: INTRO: G - G/f# - G/F - G/E VERSE: G C D Im just a man, i understand the wind and all the things G that make the children cry C D G With my Les Paul, i know im small but i enjoy living anyway C D G Book after book i get hooked everytime the writer talks to me like a friend CHORUS: G C What can i do we just live in a zoo D G All i do is play the spaceball richochet VERSE 2: G C D G Deep in my heart there is a house that can hold just about all of you C D G I brought a car, it was old but kind i gave it my mind and it disappeared C D I love a girl, she is changeless angel, she's a city, its a pity G that im like me yeah CHORUS: G C D I said how can i lay when all i do is play G The spaceball richochet REPEAT VERSE ONE, VERSE TWO THEN FINAL CHORUS OUTRO: Same as intro