Young Love Intro

This is the intro to Young Love by Tab Hunter. It sounds pretty cool. This is spot on. I wish there were more 50's and 60's tabs on here by bands like TJ and the Shondells, Fudge, those types of bands. If you know any songs or know someone who is good at please encourage them to post there work. I've seen the way some people can pretty much out any song they want. This is why I'm surprised by how lacking ALL sites on the are of good old music like this. It just seems like, out of all the people in the world, there be virtually no song with a recognizable riff or rythmn not tabbed, but that's just me. My e-mail adress is Tab Hunter official website: 12/15/08 This is spot on; my guitar teacher figured it out in like 5 minutes. e|----------------------------------| B|o--------------------------------o| G|----------------------------------| D|----------------------3----4-5----| A|o-0-2-3-3----2-0----5------------o| E|----------------------------------| * * * * * = let ring