No Dreams

------------------------------------------------ ---------------------NO DREAMS------------------ ------------------------------------------------ ©2002 Tained Faith. Music and Lyrics By Ryan Benton Intro: C |D |F |C x3 Verse 1: C Look at the Sun D F Look at the Sky. C Watching my dreams, D F Passing By. C |D |F |C x2 Verse 2: C I’m in the car D F I’m waiting for you C I didn’t do what you D F Asked me to do. C I’m wasting my time here D F Waiting for you. C D C I don’t know what I’m going to do. C x2 -------- Get Heavier, and overdrive goes in. Chorus: C No Dreams, No Dreams, D F No Dreams, C No Time to waste, D F Reality. C No Hope No Hope D F No Hope. C Deaths on my mind, D F I’m going crazy. C Life’s a bitch to Face, D F Morality. E No, No, No, No, No, No, No (Repeat Chorus, then fade.) ------------------------------------------------------ Thats all there is too it!!! And yes this is my own song... my band is Tainted Faith. Please visit our website... Email me on: Thanks -----------------------------------------------------