Without Expression

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Without Expression - Terry Reid -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G C D Dsus4 D Dsus2 D x4 Verse One G C D Dsus4 D Dsus2 D (cont. for verses/choruses) Have you ever ridden horses through a rainstorm Or a lion through a busy street bazaar There are many things I'd love to turn you on to But I somehow feel they're safer where they are Verse Two Well, some people are inbound with infatuation And some others spill depression as the law From one's mother getting at no imagination So beware then maybe sin is at everyone's door Chorus Because he's a man I know with no expression He's got none at all Because he's a man I know with no expressions no Nothing at all Bridge Em Am But you never, no you would never see this man laughing D G Come to think of it I've never seen him cry Em Am But you might by sitting quietly hear him singing D Dsus4 D Dsus4 D Dsus4 But by and by he'll stop and sigh his voice would even begin to speak D Dsus4 And he'd just cry Chorus x2 Verse One x1 (alternate last line) But you know that there's something wrong about where you are Chorus x1 by BLS