Artist: The Verve Song: Blue Album: A Storm in Heaven Tabbed by: Revlin 11-10-10 Getting close to 20 years and I can't find any matter of tab for this song? That just won't do, so I spat this one out quick. Won't claim it's perfect but it's a start. Guitar lick repeated throughout e|-------------------------------| B|-------------------------------| G|-------------------------------| D|-------------------------------| A|-----7h9-----7h9---------------| E|--7h9----7h9-------------------| B (with rythmic palm mutes) There you were, on the floor, Cut up and all alone, I’ll help you, Conceived in a chrome dream, I was the crease in the shirt that this world wears, Till I met blue, I was in obscurity, He said, “Listen up, who do you want to be?” We could steal a car and listen to the stars, I can see you’ve choked on them too, Had enough of late night films, Just settle for an hour or two, Oh blue, show me something new, Oh blue, show me something new, A F#m E B Blue, I’ve got a question every time I hold you, A F#m E B Yeah blue, I’ve got a question every time I swallow you, It’s true. B (with rythmic palm mutes) Spike danced for ten days long, We were just heading for the sun, You shot him down, There's blood on my face, His heart's in the right place, What they gonna do to you? What they gonna do? A F#m E B Blue, don't forget the word I warned you, A F#m E B Oh blue, don't let them push you, don't let them destroy you. A F#m E B Meanwhile, I'm searching with my brain blown eyes, A F#m E B See the world through my dirty lonely mixed up mind. Comments, questions, e-mail me at