* Capo 2nd Fret Intro Riff Dsus2 G Bm G E|---------0-------|---------3-|-----------------|-----------| B|-----3---------3-|-----0-----|---------3-------|---------0-| G|---2---2-----2---|---0---0---|-----4---------4-|-----0-----| D|-0---------------|-----------|---4---4-----4---|---0---0---| A|-----------------|-----------|-2---------------|-----------| E|-----------------|-3---------|-----------------|-3---------| Verse Riff Dsus2 G Bm G E|---------0-------|---------3-|-----------------|-----------| B|-----3-------3---|-----0-----|---------3-------|---------0-| G|---2---2---2---2-|---0---0---|-----4-------4---|-----0-----| D|-0---------------|-----------|---4---4---4-----|---0---0---| A|-----------------|-----------|-2-------------0-|-----------| E|-----------------|-3---------|-----------------|-3---------| Pre-Chorus Riff Bm A G E|---------|---------|-----------------| B|---------|---------|---------0-------| G|-----4---|-----2---|-----0-------0---| D|---4---4-|---2---2-|---0---0---0---0-| A|-2-------|-0-------|-----------------| E|---------|---------|-3---------------| Chorus Riff Dsus2 G Bm G *Not played 2nd time E|---------0-------|---------3-------|-----------------|-----------|------| B|-----3-------3---|-----0-------0---|---------3-------|---------0-|------| G|---2---2---2---2-|---0---0---0---0-|-----4-------4---|-----0-----|---0--| D|-0---------------|-----------------|---4---4---4-----|---0---0---|-0---0| A|-----------------|-----------------|-2-------------0-|-----------|------| E|-----------------|-3---------------|-----------------|-3---------|------| Fills: (Played by Guitar 2 w/ Distortion - Regular Tuning) E|------------------| B|---3s5-----3s2----| G|--2-------2-------| D|-0-------0--------| A|------------------| E|------------------| Outro Riff: E|---------------------------------------------------------| B|--------10-9---------------------10----------------------| G|------9--------9-9/11--------------------------98---(9)--| D|-9-11--------9-------------11-------------9-11-----------| A|------------------------12----12-------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------| Intro: (Intro Riff w/ Fill 1. the 2nd time) Verse 1: (Verse Riff) When I was young I knew everything And she a punk who rarely ever took advice Now I'm guilt-stricken, sobbing with my head on the floor Stop a baby's breath and a shoe full of rice, no Pre-Chorus: (Pre-Chorus Riff) I can't be held responsible, 'cause she was touching her face I won't be held responsible, she fell in love in the first place Chorus: (Chorus Riff) For the life of me I can not remember What made us think that we were wise, and we'd never compromise For the life of me I can not believe We'd ever die for these sins, we were merely freshmen (Fill 1.) Verse 2: (Verse Riff) My best friend took a week's vacation to forget her His girl took a week's worth of Valium and slept And now he's guilt-stricken sobbing with his head on the floor Thinks about her now and how he never really wept, he says Pre-Chorus (Pre-Chorus Riff w/ Fill 2. 4X) Chorus (Chorus Riff w/ Fill 2. 4X at the end) Verse 3: (Chorus Riff) We've tried to wash our hands of all of this We never talk of our lacking relationships And how we're guilt-stricken sobbing with our heads on the floor We fell through the ice when we tried not to slip, we'd say Pre-chorus (Pre-Chorus Riff w/ Fill 2. 4X) Chorus 2X (Chorus Riff 2X) Outro (Intro Riff 2X w/ Fill 1., then Outro Riff)