Jail To Hell

Jail To Hell (Tabbed by Bmcc17) Just thought I'd upload this Unknown Hinson song as it seems we don't have many by him. Easy song to play with a nice country strumming pattern. INTRO G VERSE G D From Jail to hell, C D G D7 I aint done nothing to deserve. G D This time I serve, C D G But i'd still re-kill to find my way back to her. BRIDGE C Theres a fox back home robbing the roost, G Stealing my chickadee. A When I catch them I'll cook the goose, D D7 Just you wait and see. VERSE G D From Jail to hell, C D G D7 It's all the same to me. SOLO (VERSE CHORDS) G D C D G D7 REPEAT BRIDGE C I got a score to settle way back home, G Chickadee has been unfair. A Let me out warden I promise to return, D D7 and you can find me in your electric chair. VERSE G D From Jail to Hell, C D G D7 My whole damn life has been a shame. G D Chickadee and her fox C D G D7 will soon feel the wrath of my pain. G D From jail to hell, C D G D7 G In my town it's the only game.