Carry On

VALENCIA CARRY ON *INTRO* D - D - D - D e-------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------| B---------7---7---7---5---8---8---8---8---- |--7---7---7---5----10----10----10----10-------| G-----------7---7---7---7---7---7---7---7-- |-----7---7---7---7-----7-----7------7------7--| D-------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------| A-------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------| E-------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------| D I heard your footsteps this morning D You know it's hard to get by when you don't sleep at all *VERSE* D G I heard your footsteps this morning Bm G You know it's hard to get by when you don't sleep at all D G I'm just trying to be honest Bm When I say my body's feeling tired G And I've got to move on *BRIDGE* D A But I hope and I pray that your legs Bm G Will somehow find the strength *CHORUS* D F#m G And they all carry on Bm G They want nothing but to be better off D F#m G And I've heard in my rage Bm G But I found it in my heart to believe D You are home. *VERSE* D G Some nights I have this blurred vision Bm G Where we dance in a dream to the songs that we love D G Bm Those songs have paid for those lonely souls who were singing along G When it wasn't enough *BRIDGE* D A Just to hope and to pray Bm G That there bodies somehow find the strength *CHORUS* *MIDDLE 8* Em D I've been waiting for good news Bm G Since you left, a little piece of my heart Has been pounding out of my chest Em D A G We're waiting for good news aren't we no-----w? *CHORUS*